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Product Code: 19-001690-503
RRP $125.00
Our Price $62.50
Stock Avaliable:

The Arena Powerskin ST 2.0 Limited Edition Batman Jammers marks the next-generation in one of Arena’s longest-standing FINA approved range of racing suits. Building on the original ST’s proven legacy, the 2.0 makes a leap in terms of technology, performance, comfort, and durability, helping with body and leg lift and positioning. 

Superior knitted fabrics have been augmented in the ST 2.0 with an extra durable lining to provide outstanding stretch, optimal compression and total freedom of movement. The result is a highperformance suit that minimizes surface drag for exceptional hydrodynamics, and offers unrestricted movement without compromising key muscle support.

The new lining brings added technical functionality to the ST 2.0 range. Incorporated into the top front of both the full suit and the jammer, and extending down the back of the leg, the lining provides greater muscle compression for targeted areas, and improves core and leg support, allowing the swimmer to stay stable and strong in the water.


  • Low profile seams
  • Greater support and compression
  • Fina Approved
  • Front and back lining
  • Extra-Flexible Knitted Fabric
  • Extra durability