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Product Code 006870-120
RRP $160.00
Our Price $160.00

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Discover state-of-the-art racing goggles: the ultra-stylish and high-performance arena Cobra Edge Swipe Mirror. Designed with enhanced side and upward vision, more eyelash space and more comfortable nose bridge and gaskets, these World Aquatics-approved goggles are perfect for competitive swimmers.

Equipped with arena's revolutionary Swipe anti-fog technology that lasts ten times longer than regular anti-fog protection. At the first signs of mist, reactivate the anti-fog treatment by gently swiping the inside of the lenses five times while the goggles are in the water. The low-profile lenses minimize water drag to the extreme and offer excellent hydrodynamics.

Delivered with five interchangeable nose bridges for perfect customization to different faces and nose shapes, their improved curvature provides lighter pressure on the nose. The dual strap is easily adjustable at the back of the head and guarantees a secure fit, even on starts and turns. The innovative temple design ensures stability, especially on dives.

The lenses are equipped with UV protection, and the whole product is PVC free. These goggles are available with medium-dark lenses for all uses and variable or medium light conditions, and dark lenses for bright environments or reducing brightness. Choose your personal favourite from a wide range of tinted lenses and frame colours.