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Men's tri suit

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Tri suits are one-piece or two-piece garments that are designed to be worn during triathlons. They are perfect for swimming, biking, and running – but are also the ideal swimwear during a casual dip in the pool. All men's trisuits from arena are made from technical fabrics that keep you ventilated and are aerodynamic and hydrodynamic – wear them for a fantastic result during practice or competition. 

At arena you can buy tritops, jammers and one-piece suits. Which one of our triathlon clothing for men is your favourite? Separate tops and jammers are more practical for daily use. On the other hand, the one-piece suit has a perfect fit that adapts to the body for high comfort.

Don't forget to check out our triathlon wetsuits – dominate on race day with our revolutionary carbon suits. We have combined two highly advanced materials to reach the ultimate design. 


The tri suit is an iconic garment for triathletes and a staple for triathlons. The fabric is similar to that of a regular swimsuit. However, it acts like a pair of cycling shorts, worn without underwear. 

All trisuits from arena have a high-quality zipper, designed for all stages of long-distance triathlon racing. The suits also have a higher performance fabric with extra-life Lycra fibre for extraordinary durability, compression for muscle support, and elasticity for total flexibility. In addition, a hydrodynamic surface keeps water out while swimming, and a wide elastic bottom hem ensures improved pressure distribution, comfort and performance during triathlons. Wear the men's triathlon suits from arena for all your favourite activities.  


The triathlon suit was originally designed to fit men's body features. Today there are trisuits for both men and women that serve all body types. The men's tri suit from arena is designed to ensure a stylish and comfortable fit. Check out the M TRI SUIT REAR ZIP with perfectly placed mesh panels and a lightweight, quick-drying elastic chamois that optimize breathability, cooling, and protection. 

If you are interested in a two-piece trisuit, you should try out the M TRI TOP from arena. This men's high-tech tritop for long-distance triathlon racing perfectly matches the M TRI JAMMER. Match the black jammers with a blue or black top for a flawless result. 


Whether you want to buy an excellent men's trisuit or other racing and training swimwear, the arena website is the place to be. Buy men's swimming jammers or briefs, as well as swimwear for women, boys, and girls. So what are you waiting for? Check out our extensive selection of clothing and other equipment today.