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Triathlon Suits & Clothing

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Triathlon suit

Feel powerful during your run, swim, and bike ride with arenas triathlon suits for men and women. Our wide collection of performance-level tri suits ensures that your next triathlon will be your best. 

Trisuits are either one-piece or two-piece garments designed to be used during a triathlon. In other words, you are supposed to be able to perform during swimming, running, and biking – which is also what you will do in a triathlon suit from arena. Our triathlon suits are made in Australia from technical fabrics that keep you ventilated and comfortable. Purchase men’s tri suits and women’s tri suits from arena today. 

Make a statement on race day with a triathlon wetsuit that perfectly shapes your body. The suits come in models for both men and women, making you look powerful and stylish. The suits deliver on their promise with aerodynamic constructions and breathable materials in both non-sleeve and long-sleeve options.


At the arena website, you can find both two-piece and one-piece triathlon suits – which one do you prefer? 

Mix and match between styles with tops and bottoms in different colours. Check out the W TRI TOP in a striking purple colour. The top is made of two fabrics for optimal compression, hydrodynamic performance, comfort, and flexibility. Of course, this top also comes in a men’s version. Match with black or purple jammers to look stylish and professional during practice or competition. 

If you prefer a one-piece suit, we also have a wide collection of those on our website. Some of the suits have a rear zip and others a front zip. With the CARBON SPEEDSUIT REAR ZIP for men or women, you will always look and feel fabulous. 


Should I race in a one-piece or a two-piece tri suit?

Some triathletes think that the one-piece suit saves you from worrying about the top riding up. The aerodynamic benefits are highly appreciated as well. It also has advantages in a pool-based swim where you don’t wear a wetsuit. 

Others prefer a two-piece suit because it can make pre-race nerves-related toilet issues much easier to deal with. You also get a lot more use from a two-piece triathlon suit as you wear it more often in your training sessions. So, the choice is up to you!

What to wear under a triathlon suit?

You should not wear anything under your triathlon suit (except a sports bra if you’re a woman). All of the arena triathlon suits are made to be comfortable against your skin and to protect you from chafing and discomfort on the bike. They are also thin and light enough to be comfortable during a run. In addition, your underwear could retain water and counteract the quick drying properties of your suit. 


Buy your triathlon suit at the arena website, along with a wide selection of other swimwear for men and women. We offer the perfect swimwear for racing and training so that you can perform your very best during practice or competition. 

Combine your trisuit with a nice pair of goggles, ear plugs, and nose clips. Of course, we also have a swimwear collection for young boys and girls who are training, racing, or having fun in the water. So what are you waiting for? Purchase all of your swimming gear and equipment at arena.