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Swimwear briefs

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Find your best look with arenas wide range of swimwear briefs. Our swim briefs are designed to keep you comfortable in the water. These stylish garments come in all styles, with patterns and different colours. Swim briefs are an excellent option for effortlessly looking confident in the pool or at the beach. So, pick a pair to wear next time you visit your local pool or go for a swim in the ocean. 

Arena offers a great range of high-quality swimwear briefs for men. Available in different looks, they give you the cover you're after and stay put during your entire swim. There is no reason not to love the arena swim briefs – perfect for when you need swimwear to wear both in the water and at the poolside. 


Our wide range of men's swim briefs come in various colours and patterns, and they all have high-quality benefits. These swim briefs have got your summer sorted, whatever look, feel, or style you are going for. 

Check out the ARENA SOLID BRIEF - 075 NAVY – designed for training and regular swim sessions. These briefs have a stylish navy colour and a single contrasting logo printed on the waistline. All our swimwear briefs come in an essential monochromatic style, and once you try them on, they will be your go-to swimsuit. 

If you want a unique style, try the M INFINITE STRIPE BRIEF - 508. These stylish and highly durable arena swim briefs have a 100% chlorine-resistant MaxLife fabric with integrated UV protection UPF50+. As a result, they are incredibly quick-drying and long-lasting.


Always look your best with a pair of men's swimwear briefs from arena. These briefs have the ideal custom fit to leave you comfortable, confident, and ready for a nice swim.

Quality is essential in clothing for professional swimmers, and our men's swimwear briefs have never failed to deliver. These are the ultimate swimwear to suit all men while adding a touch of polished refinement. So, purchase your exclusive pair of arena swimming briefs today.

Buy men's swim briefs, swimming jammers and tri suits, as well as swimwear for women, boys and girls. So what are you waiting for? Check out our extensive selection of clothing and other equipment today.