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Kickboards should always be included when exercising in the water – no matter what age you are. For beginners and young kids, a kickboard assists them with floating and feeling safe in the water. It is also used to isolate the legs, and it helps the advanced swimmer focus on different styles of kicks or techniques. 

Do you wonder how to select a swimming kickboard in the right size? When holding the top of the kickboard in your hand, its bottom should reach to your upper arm. So when ordering a kickboard online, you should measure the distance from the floor to your upper arm and then pick one in the correct size.


Flutter kicking exercise 

This is a great activity to train your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, and it helps you perfect your kicking technique. When doing this exercise, you improve your overall swimming while targeting specific body areas. 

Begin at one side of the pool, holding the kickboard in front of the body with one hand on each side. Then keep your arms in front of you, push off the wall and kick your legs in a scissor motion. Continue kicking along the entire length of the pool to the other side. Turn around and return to the first side again. Rest for a couple of minutes and repeat the exercise. 

Aqua jogging

Start with water around neck height and run through the water as quickly as possible. Next, add an arm workout using to engage the triceps and biceps. 

Run for five minutes and repeat the exercise three times with a 30-second recovery in between.  


Swimming is fantastic for your core muscles, but these stomach crunches really do the trick. 

Float perpendicular to the pool's edge and place your legs, from the knees down, on the pool’s edge. While floating, lift your upper body over the water, using your abdominal muscles to pull yourself up as far as possible. Repeat ten times per set.  


The arena kickboards are designed for ultra comfort, safety and style. They are perfect for new swimmers who want to feel more comfortable in the water. But also for people who enjoy doing their workout in the pool or the sea. 

The swimming kickboards are made from high-quality EVA material with grip holes that allow different hand positions. In addition, they are contoured for safety and comfort and come in various stylish colours and designs. 

Are you looking for more equipment to use when working out in the pool? You must not miss out on our PULLBUOY, which is designed for optimal buoyancy and comfort. This is an ideal training aid as it helps increase strength, resistance, and arm stroke technique. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our training aids or other equipment to use in water.