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The swim bag is an essential accessory for all swimmers. Are you a competitive performance swimmer who needs to carry training aids and equipment in a functional bag of high quality? Or are you a leisure swimmer who wants a nice-looking bag to store swimwear and water bottles? Whatever your intention is, we promise you that you will be able to find the perfect bag on our website. 

Our competition bags are the best swim bags in Australia. They all have exceptional storage space and are perfect for sports equipment and wet garments. 


Swimming backpacks are easy to carry and offer decent storage space. Thanks to the design of the arena backpack, you can easily access and organize your items. The bag even has a special compartment for your wet equipment – with ventilation to keep the moisture under control. 

The TEAM MESH BAG is excellent for carrying training equipment and can be worn as a practical backpack – made from strong and quick-drying polyester mesh. This is the perfect bag for someone looking for an easy way to transport equipment from their home to the swimming pool and back. 

If you require ample storage space, check out the sports bag. This swim bag has a large main compartment, a separate space for wet garments, and many functional pockets.  


At arena you can buy excellent training aids and accessories like ear plugs and nose clips, as well as functional swimming bags and backpacks. We hope to help every competitor swimmer reach their full potential with our swim equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products.