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Mens Swimwear

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Buy the latest and greatest in men's swimwear at arena. With fantastic comfort and quality materials, our bathers are specially made to fit all men perfectly. As a result, we have the pieces that every modern man has to own - whether you're aiming for performance or leisure. 

Our FUNDAMENTALS BOXER SHORTS are a timeless staple for when you're headed for the water. You can also find various collections of men's swimwear with patterns, prints, and a broad colour palette. 

As well as some classics for the beach, you can be sure to find a wide array of performance-based bathers for men. These are perfect for training or competition, and they are all geared towards increasing your endurance, performance, and speed in the pool. For example, try the POWERSKIN COLLECTION, designed for open water racing and swimming. With a 100% textile material, this suit allows the swimmer to keep superb stability and body alignment during the stroke. 


With the Australian culture deeply ingrained in the waves, a big part of people's lives is spent in or close to the water. That is also why it's essential with male swimwear and swim shorts suitable for different activities. We offer everything from classic and simple designs to unique performance pieces. 

Whether you're preparing to surf the waves, swim laps, or chill by the poolside, we promise that you will find something suitable from arena. Scroll through our different collections, where you can find everything from the POWERSKIN CARBON CORE FX JAMMERS to the POWERSKIN ST 2.0 JAMMERS


Arena has created the swimwear that all men deserve. Thanks to our outstanding quality, the bathers fit all body types and last for years. 

Our timeless men's swimwear is designed for training as well as regular swim sessions, and they are the perfect wear for both swim teams and single athletes. We promise you that they will become your go-to swimwear.  

Are you looking for other equipment perfect for swimming practice or competition? Purchase swim paddles and fins and flippers, among other things, in our webshop. Please contact us if you have any questions about our products.