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Let your child feel awesome gliding through the water with great swimming goggles. The arena swimming goggles for kids are the ideal accessory to increase comfort and orientation in the water. 

The goggles are perfect for young fitness swimmers and children who are having a fun time in the pool, with anti-fog coating and UV protection. They are available in prims of bright and fun colours – let your child choose their favourite pair.  

Does your child do indoor or outdoor swimming? Our swimming goggles are perfect for both. Children can use them at the beach, in swimming lessons, or in competitions. In addition, we have racing goggles with high-tech competition designs for young racers. All glasses have a reflective coating that protects the eyes from glare when swimming outdoors or in a well-lit pool. Always purchase the best protective gear for your child's safety. 


There are some fundamental reasons kids should wear a pair of swim goggles when swimming in a pool.

Let's begin with the safety reason. Wearing goggles helps kids see their surroundings underwater, whether it's other swimmers or where the wall is when swimming laps. The goggles protect the child from hitting their head or endangering others. 

The goggles also save the eyes from getting itchy and red after swimming in chlorinated water. Children tend to be underwater a lot, that's why the goggles are extra important. 


Buy swimming goggles for children from arena. We offer an extensive range of glasses for racing, training and playing in the pool or sea. 

Maybe the colourful TRACKS JUNIOR MIRROR goggles are suitable. These are the perfect goggles for a competitive child who aims to win every race, with a high-tech competitor design and soft silicone seals that keep water out. 

The SPIDER KIDS GOGGLES - 200 is the perfect match for a young child who loves to play underwater. These are easy, safe and designed for two- to five-year-old swimmers. The UV protection and soft hypoallergenic silicone seals deliver maximum safety. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about our kids’ swimming goggles or other products.