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It is widely accepted that arena is the number #1 top competitive swimming brand worldwide. Especially when it comes to racing swimsuits for girls, boys, women, and men. Not to forget essential training equipment such as swimming goggles. We have the best swimming goggles in Australia.  

Arena invests a lot of money in R & D to provide the best technology to swimmers on all levels. However, we know that sometimes there can be seconds (or even milliseconds) between winning and losing. Hopefully, some of the technologies offered by arena can give swimmers the competitive edge that places them on the top podium. 


The best swimming goggles in Australia are comfortable and contribute to an enjoyable swim. They have a perfect fit, keep the water out of your eyes and won't constantly mist up.

Some goggles have clear lenses, a great alternative for the casual fitness swimmer. However, if you swim more often or are a competitive swimmer, you will benefit from some great technologies. These could be UV protection rays, glare reduction or lens coating that adapt to bright light. Some goggles will feature a low profile gasket to help reduce drag. Mirrored lenses add a physiological advantage.  

The best goggles for open water and ocean swimming should include curved gaskets for broader peripheral vision as well as polarized lenses. 

Lens colour 

Goggles come with various lens types, each suitable for different environments. For example, if you spend most time swimming indoors or in low light, you may want to opt for a clear or light coloured lens.  You may wish to go for a darker lens or even mirrored or polarized lenses when swimming outdoors. Of course, it's also essential that your goggles have UV production.


All arena goggles are equipped with anti-fog coating. This doesn't mean you'll never face issues with fog though. However, if you do, we have an excellent anti-fog spray available.


The gasket is the material that seals the lens around the eye. Our comfortable and durable goggles have soft silicone seals that keep water out. 

Cobra Swipe Swimming Goggles

The Cobra Tri Swipe Mirror Goggles with clear lenses

Are you looking for the best swimming goggles in Australia? The Swipe Technology goes against everything you have been taught in the past. Usually, it's a big "no-no" to touch the inside of the swimming goggle lenses. This will damage the anti-fog coating and reduce the lifespan significantly. However, with the Cobra Swipe Swimming Goggles and the unique arena technology, you are allowed to touch the inside of the lenses. Once these swimming goggles start to fog, you simply rinse them underwater and gently wipe the inside with your thumb to re-activate the anti-fog coating. 

Arena claims the anti-fog lasts ten times longer than other swimming goggles (without the Swipe Technology). Competitive swimmers in Australia confirm that the anti-fog lasts longer, especially if you don't swipe too early and only start swiping once the Cobra goggles begin to fog.

Are you interested in buying our Cobra Swipe Swimming Goggles? Watch the Promo Video below or the Technical Video and FAQ Video if you want to learn more.

The Cobra Swipe range currently consists of five models: 


The Air-Speed Mirror Goggles with clear lenses

The competitive Air-Speed is exceptionally comfortable, thanks to a special seal engineered with a honeycomb structure for enhanced adhesion to your face shape. The honeycomb cells are small for a secure fit and zero interference with your performance. Ultimately the design reduces pressure and potential pain in sensitive areas. This unique technology from arena has to be tried to be believed. You should at least watch the Promo Video below or the Technical Video before deciding which goggles to buy. 

The Air-Speed range consists of two models.


The One Goggles

We are now moving into fitness/training goggles for the casual swimmer. We think that all swimmers in Australia should have access to the very best swimming goggles. The One is another range of goggles that must be tried to be believed. They are very comfortable, and the feedback from people who have tried them out has been highly positive.

The One is basically designed to fit most swimmers. We have achieved this by collecting a lot of data on the structure of people's faces. This information has helped the R & D team engineer the perfect goggle seal, which arena refers to as the Orbit-Proof Technology.

Watch the Promo Video below to learn more about these goggles.  

The One "family" consist of five different models: 

Air-Soft Swimming Goggles

The Air-Soft Goggles

finish off with the Air-Soft, which, as you probably guessed, is very similar to the Air-Speed goggles. The main difference is that the mesh of the Air-Soft honeycomb structure is slightly larger to increase the flexibility of the gasket. This makes them somewhat more comfortable to wear, which is beneficial to the fitness swimmer doing many laps in the pool.

Again, watch the Promo Video below or the Technical Video to learn more. 

There is currently only one goggle in the Air-Soft range