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Racing Suits: Powerskin Carbon Glide

Our new Powerskin Carbon Glide is designed to enhance your sense of speed and seamless motion. The Carbon Light Cage technology surrounds strategic muscles with a compact carbon fibre grid. The unique internal taping instantly activates and interconnects major muscle groups so your body is ready to flow as soon as you hit the water.

Racing Suits: Powerskin Carbon Core FX

The new Carbon Core FX features the latest improvements to the highly successful Carbon Flex VX, and is the most compressive suit we have ever designed. Featuring new twin taping at the back of the legs which offers the swimmer a lifting effect, enabling them to hold a higher body position in the water.

Racing Suits: Powerskin Carbon-Air²

Powerskin Carbon-AIR² is our brand new racing design. We tweaked the construction of this women’s tech suit for ultimate flexibility and unified hydrodynamics. The exterior shell is made with a single piece of fabric for zero stitching, 100% comfort and drag-free speed.

Racing Suits: Powerskin R-EVO ONE

The arena Powerskin R-EVO One is made from just one piece of fabric, just one seam, providing maximum comfort,  advanced hydrodynamics as well as being easier to put on. 

Goggles: Cobra Ultra

Optimum hydrodynamics, supreme stability and comfort with superior front and lateral vision. Welcome to the world’s most advanced racing goggles.

Goggles: Cobra Ultra vs Cobra Core

The main differences between the Cobra Ultra and the Cobra Core goggles.

Goggles: Cobra Tri & Cobra Tri Mirror

The unique design of the Cobra Tri stops the flow of water over the lenses for optimal vision, especially for long distances. The hard mirrored lenses protect eyes from glare, offer a crystal-clear view and are made to ensure seasons of training. Equipped with special 3D Japanese TPE seals for a watertight fit and maximum comfort. The ultimate solution for triathlons and intensive swimmers.

Goggles: The One

Comfortable, watertight and offering a crystal-clear visibility, our ONE goggles fit any face perfectly.

Swimwear: Bodylift - Shaping Swimwear

The very latest in bodywear fabric. Bodylift technology is enhanced by incorporating Sensitive FIT fabric at the very cutting-edge of the textile industry and manufactured entirely in Italy. Sensitive FIT fabric guarantees an impeccable fit so that you can perform at your best in complete comfort. Thanks to LYCRA (32%) fabric, the swimsuit reshapes your figure so that you really catch the eye with a more streamlined look.